A Blast from the Past – Security Descriptors and Save as New Package are back with App-V 5.0 SP2 Hotfix 4

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For those who are familiar with App-V 4.x they will be smiling now with the return of a familiar feature of the sequencer. For those who aren’t familiar with previous versions of the sequencer let me explain…

Security Descriptors – Full VFS Write Mode

In 4.x Security Descriptors copied the NTFS ACLs from the local system drive and applied them to the package, in the event our package needed to write to these global VFS locations we could disable this feature to allow our non admins run our package without issue.

In App-V 5.0 we actually lost this ability and instead had to accept that the VFS was only writeable by admins and the PVAD could be written to by everyone, unless of course you used some of the scripts that were floating around to change this on the client, however this wasn’t a supported method from a Microsoft perspective.

Good news is we now have the option back again which allows us to specify “Full VFS Write Mode” on our package by ticking the following box on the advanced tan of the package editor:


Ticking this box does exactly what it says on the tin, it enables us to write to all of the virtual file system whether we are a admin or not! Of course these writes will be considered state changes as talked about in this post: Global File State Changes in App-V 5.0

This setting can be used and set automatically as part of a sequencer template however remember even with this setting we are still bound by the file type exclusions which we don’t support being written into state.

Save As New Package

This setting was another feature we had in 4.x and is now back again with Hotfix 4 for 5.0 SP2. In short is allows us to save an updated/edited package with a new package GUID. This allows us to branch off the parent package in terms of uniqueness, this is particularly useful for UAT and testing purposes when we want to test an updated package alongside the previous version. When we save as new package, the GUID changes enabling and thus eliminates the conflict with the previous package. The only thing to be mindful of if using this technique is to change the shortcuts and potentially FTAs to ensure that they are not overwritten by the new package.


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