Connection Groups – DSC improved for App-V 5.0

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App-V 5.0 Connection Groups build on the success of Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC) in App-V 4.x and presents a much more manageable experience.

Let’s take an example, below I have published NetBeans, it’s an IDE application which relies on the Java Development Kit (JDK) being present. I have also packaged JDK separately and delivered it.

individualHere we can see that both applications have been published to my client.


Due to the default isolation we have with App-V packages the fact that NetBeans fails to find JDK shouldn’t surprise us…


So we need to make these two packages share the same virtual environment, we need to use Connection Groups. In the management console I have created added a new Connection Group and named it JDK-NetBeans:


I then specified the packages contained within the group by clicking EDIT next to CONNECTED PACKAGES:


I then added a group to publish this out to under AD ACCESS:congroup3

Finally I published it:


After a refresh on my client we can see we now have a Connection Group published.


Now when we launch NetBeans it can see JDK and launches without error.


What if want to add more members into this same connection group? For example I have a plugin which I also want to include in this group, in this case it is a timer called SimpleTimer and shows itself under the Window menu.


Simple! I just add it into the Connection Group in the console.


I then refresh the client, as we can see the plugin package has been delivered:


Next time we launch NetBeans we now find that we have the plugin available for use!


Connection groups can be viewed in more depth by hitting the Publishing server URL:


Or by looking at the PackageGroupDescriptor.xml on the client machine:


For more on Connection Groups check out the following:

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9 thoughts on “Connection Groups – DSC improved for App-V 5.0”

  1. Hi Thamim

    Very nice explanation of how 2 dependent virtual packages can communicate with each other with CG. So by above article it is cleared that if Application A requires Application B to launch then just isolated virtualization of both packages wont work. Both should be part of CG in order to work.

    we have never used DSC in our environment but could you please tell me Is connection group is the replacement of DSC ? Or CG has more advanced features which DSC do not have.
    If you could share some knowledge on this then for me it would be useful.


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