Configuration Manager with App-V: Download and Execute or Streaming Delivery?

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One of the first choices to make when delivery App-V applications via Configuration Manager is whether what mode you want to use for delivery, this post takes a look at both options:

Download and Execute

The mode we choose to use is decided via a dropdown on the deployment type:


Above we have chosen “Download content from distribution point and run locally” also known as Download and Execute. What this essentially means is at the time of deployment the package assets will be fully downloaded into CM cache:


After which it will be added, published and then mounted into App-V cache ready for use. Users will actually have the ability to launch the application while the mount is taking place but not before it has been brought into App-V cache. The great thing about this delivery mode is everything is brought locally at the time of deployment and therefore the first launch can be done offline as there is no dependency on connection to the distribution point after deployment.

Download and execute tends to be the most common method I have seen employed out in the field, especially for desktop and laptop environments. The downside being that content resides in both CM and App-V cache. The CM cache is cycled however and there are controls that can be to ensure that it doesn’t grow out of control.


You will also notice that in the deployment type there also an option to “Persist content in client cache” this can be used for packages which you do not wish to be cycled or cleaned from cache. This might be useful if you have  large application that gets updated frequently.

 Streaming Delivery

Again the mode can be selected in the deployment type:


With “Stream content from distribution point” selected in the deployment type nothing will be brought locally at the time of deployment. CM will simply add and publish the package, configuring the distribution point as the location the stream the package from into App-V cache. The benefit of this is the CM cache will not have to store the assets, however the downside is the first launch will require connection to the distribution point.  I have seen this mode primarily used in VDI or server environments where machines are always online with a reliable connection to a local DP. This mode should also be used if you are looking to leverage shared content store (SCS) mode.



Download and Execute

Streaming Delivery

Package Locations  DP, CM Cache, App-V Cache DP, App-V Cache
Commands Run  Add, Publish, Mount Add, Publish
Requires Connection to DP at Deployment  Yes Yes
Requires Connection to DP at Launch  No Yes
Stream Location  Local CM Cache Remote DP
Launch Location  App-V Cache App-V Cache

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  1. Is there any possibility that can I configure App-V full infrastructure along with SCCM in my environment, So that I will have SCCM client and AppV clients installed in my machine. And also I belive I will have the flexibility of switch over from AppV infra to the SCCM as and when I need.
    Can you also provide me the blogs or docs.

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