App-V 5 Versions: The Release Timeline

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We have had a fairly constant flow of updates to App-V 5 ever since the release in November 2012. From service packs to hotfixes, we have seen the product grow and mature. However even I sometimes get confused or forget exactly what features or fixes came with which release.

Of course it is desirable to always be on the latest version however I have found that sometimes organisations will still be on previous releases. This can be due to many reasons such as political, procedural or even technical.

So below I have drawn up an easy way to see where you are with your current implementation and what key benefits you might gain by moving forward.


Last updated: Dec 2016

I have intentionally only outlined what I deem as ‘key’ features or fixes of a particular release, I have also not listed releases which have been deprecated.

If you want more detailed information about App-V releases take a look at this well maintained list by Tim Mangan here. Also check out the official Microsoft list of release KB articles here.

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