0C80070057 – App-V 5.0 Error Code

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Ever since my blog on Adding and Publishing a Package in Standalone Mode I have noticed an increased number of people hitting this issue when trying to add/publish their App-V packages. Having grappled with what the cause of this could be for the last few weeks, bouncing ideas around with some of our App-V people internally it looks like I am starting to understand why this happens, I thought I would share these findings with you all…

Please be aware I am still in the investigation phase with this so the following points apply:

–        This may not be the only cause for this error code

–        This might not be the fix for everyone facing this error code

–        Please do let me know if this works for you using the comments form below, would be great to hear from you!

Here’s what you are probably seeing if using standalone mode when you try and add the package:


If using full infrastructure (App-V Management Server) you will notice your packages do not publish, using either method you will probably see these messages in the event
viewer logs:



What seems to be in common in all packages that throw up this issue is they have the UserProgramFiles directory in the package:


By deleting this from the package (I have even seen that just deleting the Common subfolder works too), then saving the package, it then can be added to the client machine:


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23 thoughts on “0C80070057 – App-V 5.0 Error Code”

  1. Thanks a bunch Thamim, you just saved my day!

    Did you find out what is causing this issue?


    • Hi Jonas. Glad it helped although you shouldn’t be seeing this post SP2 Sequencer for App-V 5.0 so do let me know if you are! I believe the issue was to do with us mishandling the exclusions in the sequencer however it has now been fixed.

      • Will most certainly do once I’ve found the time to upgrade to SP2 (and if I still get this error).

  2. I have been receiving this error when trying to package JDK 6.  This did not solve my problem though (there is no UserProgramFiles folder) 🙁

  3. This did solve my problem with R 3.0.0.  Thank you very much for the update to the original post.

  4. Same type errors, but I don't have a UserProgramFiles to delete. I hope this is fixed in SP2 and that SP2 is released soon. I can't see how these random malfunctions are acceptable at all. There should at least be a hotfix out by now. This actually works in our parallell SoftGrid 4.1 environment, but broke for App-V 5.

    • I understand this is definitely an annoying one! Can you check the package file system inside the package editor under VFS and compare this to what you see in the actual .appv, if you see any inconsistencies delete the files or folders from within the package editor and see if that fixes the issue.

      SP2 is not far away!

  5. had the same issue for R-Studio removing the usersprogramfile let me receive the application (and see that it is not working under app-v 5.0 on a "pro" network with network access limitations but it's a another subject)

  6. If it’s worth anything, on the SP1 sequencer, the UserProgramFiles was present in the VFS. Surprisingly I was able to still add it and publish it into my standalone server. However, when the client was trying to add locally, that’s when the error was found in the client events at that time. I also test sequenced with SP2 and observed the UserProgramFiles folder was not sequenced at all.

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